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The season is upon us, and the L&A holiday workshop is in full swing. Dean Martin is blaring, and the spice candles are burning, and there are ribbon cuttings all over the place.

December snuck up especially quickly this year - dreidels are already spinning, and the christmas countdown is well under way!  But despite the hustle and bustle, there has still been time for:


custom letterpress greetings...

personal illustrations with metallic touches...

brown paper packages tied up with string...

stationery gift sets...

in this year's L&A holiday gift wrapping.

HARK! There's more work to be done... including more greeting card and gift designing...

to my favorite holiday tunes.

So, before Christmas arrives in a blink of an eye, L&A wishes you a happy December, filled with present-wrapping, friends, plenty of merriment, and of course,



*for holiday paper inquiries, click here.

43 | Celebrate Creativity & Beans

| SPREAD CREATIVITY . designed 06.2010 |

By far, the best class I ever took at Stanford was CREATIVITY&INNOVATION. Besides the amazing teachers, my enthusiastic peers, and the awesome Stanford d.school building, one of the assignments was to design a line of greeting cards for "national creativity day" - the brainchild of neuroscientist, creativextraordinaire, and one of my personal heroes - Tina Seelig.

After a class-long brainstorm, prototyping and presentation of the new line of greeting cards, I threatened to make a line of LOTUS&ASH greeting cards inspired by the class. That threat has become a reality with a set of 4 greeting cards that are intended to ignite creativity between two people, or an entire group of people...

| SENTENCE STRUCTURE . designed 06.2010 |

| ODE TO CREATIVITY (fold it poem exercise) . designed 06.2010 |

| CREATIVE NOTE . designed 06.2010 |


the life of L&A:

Graduation celebrations continued last night at AXE restaurant in Venice.

I highly recommend the Vegetable Pistou - even on a hot summer night, the soup was a delight. WARNING: Do not order it if you do not intend to soak up the garlicy broth with the chunks of rustic bread accompanying.

The night was a double celebration for myself and a very good friend, who got into a very good grad school. To commemorate her achievements, nothing less than a semi-inappropriate greeting card was in order:

| BRA*VO . designed 04.2009 |


Graduation celebrations, part 1002030:

Congrats to Erica & Teddy on their beautiful new home.

{ taking a page out of erica's book }

celebration made easy

add one part prosecco, two parts sweet lady jane cake, and good company, and you have yourself the perfect post-dinner plans.



| L&A love packaging . designed 2010 |

I knew there had to be something different about me when I spent an entire weekend hand-making valentines in 2nd grade, rather than buying the boxed set at the market. Don't get me wrong, I love mini M&Ms and My Little Ponies as much as the next, but I somehow got greater pleasure out of cutting and folding red pieces of paper for everyone in my class.

The tradition continues today with the 2010 Collection of Valentines.... hand-designed and handmade for those L&A cares about most.

| L&A Valentines 2010 |

| I like you (lots) |

| you make me feel all floaty |

| permanent valentines | << this one goes to my father

| love you more than ... |

| you complete me. |

may your valentine's day be filled with lots of love & paper.