| L&A love packaging . designed 2010 |

I knew there had to be something different about me when I spent an entire weekend hand-making valentines in 2nd grade, rather than buying the boxed set at the market. Don't get me wrong, I love mini M&Ms and My Little Ponies as much as the next, but I somehow got greater pleasure out of cutting and folding red pieces of paper for everyone in my class.

The tradition continues today with the 2010 Collection of Valentines.... hand-designed and handmade for those L&A cares about most.

| L&A Valentines 2010 |

| I like you (lots) |

| you make me feel all floaty |

| permanent valentines | << this one goes to my father

| love you more than ... |

| you complete me. |

may your valentine's day be filled with lots of love & paper.