43 | Celebrate Creativity & Beans

| SPREAD CREATIVITY . designed 06.2010 |

By far, the best class I ever took at Stanford was CREATIVITY&INNOVATION. Besides the amazing teachers, my enthusiastic peers, and the awesome Stanford d.school building, one of the assignments was to design a line of greeting cards for "national creativity day" - the brainchild of neuroscientist, creativextraordinaire, and one of my personal heroes - Tina Seelig.

After a class-long brainstorm, prototyping and presentation of the new line of greeting cards, I threatened to make a line of LOTUS&ASH greeting cards inspired by the class. That threat has become a reality with a set of 4 greeting cards that are intended to ignite creativity between two people, or an entire group of people...

| SENTENCE STRUCTURE . designed 06.2010 |

| ODE TO CREATIVITY (fold it poem exercise) . designed 06.2010 |

| CREATIVE NOTE . designed 06.2010 |


the life of L&A:

Graduation celebrations continued last night at AXE restaurant in Venice.

I highly recommend the Vegetable Pistou - even on a hot summer night, the soup was a delight. WARNING: Do not order it if you do not intend to soak up the garlicy broth with the chunks of rustic bread accompanying.

The night was a double celebration for myself and a very good friend, who got into a very good grad school. To commemorate her achievements, nothing less than a semi-inappropriate greeting card was in order:

| BRA*VO . designed 04.2009 |


Graduation celebrations, part 1002030:

Congrats to Erica & Teddy on their beautiful new home.

{ taking a page out of erica's book }

celebration made easy

add one part prosecco, two parts sweet lady jane cake, and good company, and you have yourself the perfect post-dinner plans.