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design spotlight: newlywed stationery - caitlin and patrick

There are few better ways to celebrate a marriage than a new stationery set for the couple. (Indeed, I'm a little biased). But, when the opportunity arises, L&A sees it as the chance to create a design that showcases the personality of a couple, as individuals and together.

commissioned by the maids of honors (MoHos) for caitlin and patrick, the newlywed stationery is a set of 5 designs printed in all black on thick, off-white paper that show just how much caitlin and patrick are meant to be (even celebrating their college rivalry)!

her bubbly to his beer

her stanford to his cal

her salty to his sweet

the jackie to his jfk

her pumps to his loafers

. . .

congratulations & happy writing to the newlyweds!