67 | Day Four - Brands, Identities, and Graphic Design - oh my!

The UPDATE blog is quick to feature paper treats, but it often doesn’t highlight the design goodies coming out of the LOTUS&ASH workshop where new companies become partners (in crime), not clients. The branding process is highly collaborative, such that sending the Final Brand Guide is bittersweet – the end of long e-mail threads and phone calls that start to include life updates as well as design feedback. Nevertheless, six brand guides have been sent out this year, with more to come in the following months.

This year, I was fortunate enough to work with appmakers and gluten-free bakers alike, and clients included: Metaneer Labs, tripgram, cyclehouse, Naveen cuisine, The Phenomlist, and AVVA. The one thing all partners had in common? A passion to make people’s lives better, via last-minute weekend getaway, a spin class, or press recognition they may not have otherwise received.

design spotlight: CYCLE HOUSE LA

Developing the  CYCLEHOUSE brand was a dream come true. It combined three of my favorite things: design, spinning, and los angeles. Branding went beyond logo and color palette. It extended to custom decals for spin bikes, wall graphics and invitations for Hollywood Swag bags. Seeing my logo lit up on La Cienega is surreal. Being inside the studio is exhilarating (especially because the spin classes are the best). If you're in the Los Angeles-area, I highly recommend heading over to La Cienega and Melrose for an hour of great music and endorphins.