Well, hello. I'm Ashling. Nice to meet you. (Doesn't it seem like it's been ages since we last spoke? It's my fault, really. I have been the stranger in the relationship.)

There have been some major life changes in the L&A life ... which I will happily be chronicling (blitzkreig style) over the next few weeks.

  • Moving (permanently) to the Bay Area!
  • Signing my first lease on an Apartment!
  • Decorating my first apartment!
  • Starting my first "real" job!
  • Beginning work on my first Bat Mitzvah and Wedding Invitations!
  • Expanding my web design skills with clients across the nation!
  • Drifting to the Vegetarian side of being an Omnivore!

It has been...  a lot. And I am very excited to share it all with you.


Speaking of major life changes... it's always amazing how quickly it can change (for better or worse).

This is the 3rd year that L&A has been involved with the MUSIC for MATT charity concert, hosted in New Orleans every October. Due to the tremendous effort of Matthew Costa's mother and his closest friends, the show keeps his spirit alive despite his premature death, and L&A is always honored to be a part of the concert.

This year, L&A Designed a shirt to commemorate Matt's time in Africa and his love for music.

L&A invites you to support the concert by purchasing a shirt. With your shirt order, you are making a donation to the Costa Memorial Scholarship and the Peace Corps Partnership Program in Mali (plus looking damn good in an organic cotton shirt).