LOTUS&ASH here, coming to you live (and a-live), from DEADweekendFINALS 2010, perhaps the most exhausting weekend in the life of a Stanford student. The end of Winter Quarter always proves to be the most brutal... which provides even more cause for paper happiness (read: paper procrastination)

So, for all you fellow procrastinators, good luck with your finals, and I now pass on the torch of distraction to you:

| FRATERNITY FORMAL ... 03.2010 |

(special shout out to SAE for their support of chivalry & handwritten, paper invitations)

| THREE little SKULLS ... 02.2010 |


you know it's dead week when...

you design greeting cards inspired by your classes:

or use your presentations as an opportunity for good design:

| slides from LINX DATING PRESENTATION ... 03.2010 |