Without deviating from the LOTUS&ASH pursuit of preserving tactile paper beauty in our increasingly digital world, it's about time L&A went mobile.

No, unfortunately lotusandash.com (still) does not have a mobile version, nor have I developed an app. However, with only so many hours in the day, and so much paper-love to give, I've had to make my office mobile during my one hour + commute to and from work.

Fortunately, I don't need a WiFi connection to put  handmade touches on each L&A piece that goes out. I've pushed the limits of where you can make stationery, and I've found that all you need is a flat surface (my laptop works great), and as much double-sided tape as you can fit into your backpack.

This is the story of one invitation order:

From my dining room table...

to the morning train....

to the seminar room...

and yes, even at the nail salon...

onto the night train...

and back to the dining table.

Voila! A week's worth of commuting produces ~150 invitations, and about ~50 "what ARE you doing!?" glances from fellow commuters.


And, since we're on the topic, I thought I'd share some of my favorite mobile experiences from the past few weeks (besides my mobile stationery making).

| dia de los muertos parade in the mission . SF . 11.2010 |

| traveling on a champagne soaked, standing-room-only cal train the night the giants won the world series |

| view from the coit . taken with the iphone4 |

| favorite mobile picture app? instagram |

15 | Favorite Things


Summer has proven to be productive and relaxing - and, incredibly enjoyed with a few of my favorite things. Though time spent on Skyline, picnics, visiting San Francisco (the city I LOVE), and cooking pizzas in backyard ovens have cut into time in the LOTUS & ASH office, they are all well, well worth it.

The past few weeks have included designs for new LOTUS & ASH letterhead and proof and order forms, in support for launching a more online-based ordering system.

But good ol' favorite paper fun did not stop with these administrative improvements. L&A celebrated a best friend's birthday with a handmade and custom designed guide for Fine Living at Twenty. Always a fan of Moleskin notebooks, they serve as great canvases to make whatever journal one can imagine.

And, after a long time in the making, a sweet greeting card made its debut. Quoting a favorite STARS song, it can be reproduced in any size.  Sometimes, though, the smaller, the more easily tucked away and re-read. And that's the point of this whole stationery thing anyway, right?

Time working on L&A has been divided betweensailing in the bay and working on B I N A R Y P R E S S

Indeed, things are busy. But they are being thoroughly enjoyed.