12 | graduations and celebrations

for lotus&ash this year, graduation was oh-so-bittersweet. but, designing and printing invitations and greeting cards distracted from the pangs of having to say goodbye to close friends. lotus&ash's cards celebrated their four years in college and wished them the best of luck in the real world, sans problems sets and all-nighters, but reminded them that they're always encouraged to come back and visit... often... very often.

graduation party invites came in three designs this year - a simple, and classy CHEERS!, a picture card that celebrated the friendship of three best friends, and the slightly more scandalous inside-joke invite that featured fond memories of pub nights, grey's anatomy and bottles of $2 champagne.

graduation party invites.

graduation 2008 party nametags and greeting cards

party nametags made it known who the graduates were, and that they were, in fact, graduates with a simple check box at the bottom of the tag. and greeting cards were aplenty in the lotus&ash office, remaining blank until the actual graduation ceremony. pauses between the wacky walk, president henessy and oprah proved to be the perfect time to fill up the blank space.