13 | from a bean to a bean

It was over 10 years ago that the nickname came into use -  bean, the endearing name between my best friend, erica, and I has been long lasting. and, to celebrate her graduation from college, it was only appropriate to make her a bean-specific congratulatory card. thanks to the newest version of the adobe suite, making images for my greeting cards has been made SO much easier than before. illustrator's live trace and paint functions have become a lotus & ash favorite.

there's something special about custom work - whether it be a logo, an invitation, or a greeting card. custom means thought. custom implies a relationship between a designer, her product, and it's recipient. that's why lotus & ash specializes in custom work : to preserve the idea of thought in correspondence and communication. to get chuckles, shrieks, giggles, awwws and the like > > >