60 | Summer Vacation

( great poster by DOWLING| DUNCAN )

One look outside the window at the foggy San Francisco skyline, and you know... Summer is here. The city is notorious for its June gloom and gray Julys, so what better way to hold out for the September sun than by spending the weekend exploring someplace else?

Good thing, because L&A has been in a travel mood with plans for impending summer trips, and a range of custom designed maps.

| ELKHART LAKE . designed 06. 2011 |

| DOWNTOWN LA . designed 06.2011 |


Where will you find yourself this summer?

My plans span across the country...

If you have any additions to the itinerary, I always appreciate recommendations for good food, good design, and delicious paper.

Of course, my heart will always be in San Francisco, and I'll be sure to share the sights of my summer travels on weekends spent back in the fog.

For now, here are some L&A travel tips:


If you're like me, travel makes you hungry, and you don't want to ruin your explore-a-new-city-appetite with a Cinnabon at the airport.

And, if you're like me and opt for the flight deal (which will take you to airports in the middle of nowhere where Cinnabon isn't even an option), you must pack snacks.

Snack Hint #1:  Pre-trip Tupperware

The night before your trip, cut up firm tofu into 1/4" pieces and pan fry them in coconut oil  and ponzu sauce. At the same time, cook some quinoa. Let cool and store in the fridge. In the morning, combine the quinoa, tofu, and the leafy green of your choice (I chose arugula), and slice up a lime. When you're ready to eat, squeeze the lime across the contents of your tupperware. (HINT: Use disposable tupperware (like a leftover plastic container from Whole Foods, so you can throw it away at the airport).

Snack Hint #2: Cereal

I love cereal, but I hate dry cereal. To solve this at the airport, I bring a bag of dry cereal, and hit up the closest starbucks for a cup of soymilk. Then, as I wait for my flight, I can enjoy my perfectly slightly soggy, slightly crunchy cereal. (And make all the other passengers jealous).


I find the best way to spend travel time is by doing that craft you've been meaning to do (but never get to). Bag of tangled necklaces? Take it on your next flight for landing and take off when you can't have any electronics on. My favorite crafts (are still) the Klutz Craft Kits.

(yes, I do still own this book)

Bonus for driving trips! You can bring scissors.

That's all for now.