79 | Welcome to the new site.


Goodbye Wordpress, hello Squarespace.

I’m excited to share version 3.0 of the LOTUS&ASH website. With an updated information architecture, all-new photography, and a better shopping experience, a long overdue refresh is finally complete!

Version 1.0 was an experiment in static HTML launched in 2008. Then in 2013, I finally migrated all the content to Wordpress. Two years later, my quest to find the perfect website platform continues with Squarespace.

Why the switch from Wordpress to Squarespace? 1) Its ecommerce and Stripe integrations make selling products online easy-peasy 2) Its "curated typography" makes it simple to use super tasty web fonts, and 3) Its documentation, ease-of-use, and mobile optimization make for quick development and updates.

Since making things official earlier this year, LOTUS&ASH has been busy building new brand identities, setting up shop in Jackson Square, slowly but surely building an Instagram audience (don’t forget to follow!),  and collaborating with some amazing illustrators, content strategists, and printers.  This new site will showcase a few of these projects in months to come, and watch for new products in the Shop quarterly.

Care for a tour of the new digs? Here are a few of my favorite nooks and crannies of the new site:

1. Paper Ordering Guide
Browse my favorite fonts, colors, and custom patterns for stationery, invitations, and more. This is a great resource for current and future customers and will be built out to include some tips on modern etiquette as well.  

2.  Custom Weddings
Holy moly! I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful couples and created some unique designs to celebrate their love and share their story. Interested in working together on an upcoming wedding project? Complete an inquiry form

3. Past Work
Here's a one stop shop for a look at work from the past 10 years including both paper and brand projects. There's also plenty of new photography, thanks to a great lens from Samy’s Camera and a week of natural light in the LOTUS&ASH studio. 

4. The Shop
A selection of LOTUS&ASH greeting cards, personalized stationery, and invitations are now available through the LOTUS&ASH shop and ETSY.  Each set of stationery and boxed greeting cards comes with a goodie bag filled with paper goodies including gift tags, WASHI tape, and stamps! Why? Because goodie bags are the best.  You know what else is the best? Promo codes! For the next month, get 15% off of your LOTUS&ASH shop purchase with the code: LAUNCH2015.

I hope you find inspiration throughout the new site! If you have any feedback (or find a bug!), ping me at ashling(at)lotusandash.com. I thank you in advance for your QA!