Taking a break from this season's orders (and a new obsession: Neutraface), fueled by Ritual's Mira Flores AND a Blue Bottle NOLA done burly (less milk, more coffee),* LOTUS&ASH spent an entire Saturday learning how to screen print - the perfect holiday treat!

Because of limited resources, the chance of failure was high, but every challenge was met with a successful solution:

No printer to transfer images to transparency? Draw them with a sharpie.

No darkroom or lightbox to expose the images? Turn off all the lights in your bedroom, and use a construction flood lamp.

(so dark there aren't any pictures!)

No wash station? Use a shower!

No experience screen printing? Find a friend who knows how. ^

The result? Two sweet, hand-drawn, bay-area pride holiday cards... and entirely new technique that opens up a dangerous amount of possibilities.**

*The SF Coffee obsession has officially set in.  Don't tell the roasters that I'm tw0-timing them.

**Like my "cooking," until refinement and perfection, this will have to remain a LOTUS&ASH hobby.