minimalist - Invitation customization form

This form will walk you through the entire invitation suite design, and will allow you to make the design your own. If you have any questions or issues filling this form out, please feel free to reach out to to set up a 30 minute phone meeting to help you navigate these choices.

To fill out this form, flip through the images below to familiarize yourself with the items. Then, fill out the form with your information and design choices. You will be submitting three forms:

  • Announcement + Outer Envelope

  • Details Booklet

  • Reply Card + Envelope

ANNOUNCEMENT + Outer Envelope

Announcement + Outer Envelope
Desired Delivery Date *
Desired Delivery Date
What date would you like your Invitations shipped to you by? Please note that turnaround for printing, assembly, and delivery is typically 4 - 6 weeks after final design approval.
We will send your assembled invitations to this address for you to review, stamp, seal, and send.
Overall Design
First, middle, and last names or First and last names
Important information to include in the announcement. Date, time, location, reception information (optional), attire (optional)
Let us know if you have any additional requests regarding your announcement design.


Details Card
Let us know if you have any additional requests regarding your details booklet.
What would you like printed on the left side of the details card?
General info about the wedding day(s) including date, time, event name, and a small description
Any more details? Examples: wedding website, phone number or website to book hotel, dress code, or even a little message from the couple!

REPLY Card + Envelope

Reply Card
All options come with white colored text
What date would you like your guests to notify you of their attendance?
Would you like Accept/Decline written in a different way? Examples: Joyfully Accepts/Regretfully Declines, Sad to Miss it/Excited to Be There
Include everything else you'd like captured in the reply card including names, events attending (optional), entree choice (if applicable), or wedding website
Reply Envelope
What address would you like your replies sent to?
Let us know if you have any additional requests regarding your reply card + envelope