After nearly 5 years of branding and design at Palantir, Ashling Loh-Doyle is currently pursuing a dream (10 years in the making) by starting her own design and stationery business — LOTUS&ASH. Side hustle now full-time hustle, she spends half her week building identities for early-stage start-ups and the other half designing wedding stationery and personal correspondence. She graduated with a B.A. in Economics and Studio Art from Stanford University. She recently relocated from San Francisco to her hometown of Los Angeles, and spends as much time as possible traveling the world.  She is a lover of technology, paper, and her cat, Toast.


Long live snail mail! There's no better sound than a pen writing on nice, thick piece of paper. There's no sweeter feeling than receiving a thank you note or invitation in the mail. I've had a healthy obsession with paper for over ten years, and have traveled the world sourcing the best materials for my stationery. One day, I hope to catalogue all my finds.  Today, I share these specialty papers with my clients.


In high school, I was a newspaper geek. Two years in, I realized I loved designing the page layouts more than I enjoyed writing the articles. Since then, I've fallen in love with helping small businesses realize their brand identities and tell their stories through their logo, website, print design, and stationery.